We are open Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Last booking is at 5:00PM.

We are located in 107 Robinson Avenue in Belmont, with no other branches.

Public Transport: Take Transperth bus number 935 to bus stop 14316 (Alexander Rd before Hutchison St). Robinson Avenue is the first street past the traffic lights on Alexander Road. Turn left into Robinson Avenue and we are fifty (50) metres along on the right hand side.

You do not have to be a member or have firearms experience to hire our guns. 

You just need Photo ID (Passport, Driver’s Licence, Photo Card) and enclosed footwear.

No experience is needed, we will show you how to use the gun you choose.

We accept Student IDs (SmartRider), passports and Birth Certificates. 

Yes, bookings are essential for any day and time of the week.

You can make a booking by contacting us through phone 9277 9200 or email ADMIN@LRSC.NET.AU.

No deposits are needed for the booking of less than 10 people.

We just need a date, time and the number of the people coming in.

We require a deposit of $25.00 per person 2 weeks prior to the booking date.

On the day, you will get your $25.00 deposit back, as well as a $20.00 discount for 1 gun that each person selects. 

Because our booths fit maximum of 3 people in them, you will have to split into smaller groups.

Whoever is in the same booth will share the guns they choose.

We will bring one gun at a time. 

We charge per gun, and different guns have different prices ranging $70.00 – $135.00.

Each package includes brief training, ammunition, targets and safety gear.

You can hire as many guns as you wish to pay for. We will bring one gun at a time.

Our booths can fit 3 people in them so whoever is in the same booth can share guns & ammo.

You will select what you would like to shoot when you get here. We don’t book the guns because they can break and come off range before you come in. 

We do not set a time limit; it will depend on how quick you are. 

It should take roughly around 30 minutes per gun; however, some people are slower, some are quicker. 

Majority of our guns come with 30 bullets. Their cost range between $100.00 – $135.00.

.22 calibre guns (smallest calibre) come with 50 bullets. They cost $70.00.

Shotguns come with 10 or 15 rounds. They cost $75.00 or $95.00.

We don’t sell bullets separately. If you wish to shoot more, you can purchase another gun package.

13 is the minimum age to hire our guns; however, it is 16 for the handguns. So, between the ages 13 – 15 children can try our rifles and shotguns. Once they are 16, they can also try the handguns.

Children aged under 16 are not allowed to be inside the booth while a handgun is being used, even to watch their parents. 

Anyone who is under 18 will need to attend the range with a supervisor who is 18 or over. This person does not necessarily need to be a parent of the person.

There is no minimum age if you will be using your own firearm. 

Yes, our firearms to hire will be tethered unless you bring your own.

While the tethering does not restrict the movement fully, it does restrict to change the direction of the firearm.

We are a 20 metre indoors pistol range. 

Yes, depending on the calibre of your gun. You will need to provide your Photo ID and current paper Firearms Licence.

Calibres allowed on our range:
.17 HMR, 17 MACH 2, .22LR, .22MAG, .38SPL, .38SUPER, .357MAG, .357SIG, 9MM, .44MAG, .45ACP, .44/.40 RIFLE, .410 SHOTGUN, 12G SHOTGUN, AIR RIFLES, .45LC .17 WSM, .22 WMR

We do not allow calibres below:
.223, .308, .30/30, .22/250, .243, .338, .17 / .22 HORNET, .270, .204, .303, CENTREFIRE RIFLE, .300 WIN, .45/70

Constables are eligible for a free membership. This membership will give them a 50% discount on the gun prices. 

They can also train with their holster, and it will cost $110.00 for a Glock 17 with 60 rounds. Bookings are essential
and not available on the weekends.

Australian Defense Force personnel are eligible for a $20.00 discount on the gun prices. 

To hire the range for an hour it costs;

  • $60.00 for non-members,
  • $50.00 per hour for SSAA members,
  • $40.00 for our Casual Members,
  • $20.00 for our full members,
  • free on certain days for our full members. 

Yes, you can. It will cost $20.00 per firearm per month. 

Please contact us on 9277 9200 or our Gun shop on 9277 9211 to speak with one of our staff. 

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Phone: (08) 9277 9200

Email: admin@lrsc.net.au

Address: 107 Robinson Avenue, Belmont WA 6104

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Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 6pm
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